GA4 Made Simple for StoryBrand Guides

A Free 3-Part Webinar Series to Get You Ready For Success

June 1, June 8 & June 15, 2023

Each session will last 90-minutes with time for Q & A and we will use real data!

AHHHHH!!!!! Universal Analytics Goes Away In


Relax! You’ve got this!

June 1

11:30a – 1 pm (MDT)

Webinar 1: The Basics

Let’s start with the big picture. During our 1st session, we will:

    • Talk through what is better in GA4 and the biggest changes.
    • Compare data from Universal Analytics (UA) to data in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).
    • Walk through how to create a GA4 property.
    • Take a tour of the admin side of GA4, specifically the set-up assistant and the different ways to set up GA4 on your property.
    • Cover more of your setup options and the pros/cons that you should understand.

Bonus: Get a link to a free Looker (Data Studio) report that lets you compare your data (or your client’s!)

June 8

11:30a – 1 pm (MDT)

Webinar 2: Reports & Events

Have data flowing? Congratulations! Now it’s time to analyze your traffic. Session 2 will:

    • Walk through the different standard reports in GA4 and understand what they tell you.
    • Learn how easy it is to customize your default reports and look like a boss.
    • Understand which events are being collected by default
    • Cover how to create custom events using GA4’s default set-up

Using GA4 already and can’t find your data like in UA? There will be time to play seek & find during this call!

June 15

11:30a – 1 pm (MDT)

Webinar 3: More custom events, conversions and the rest

This session will be a little bit more free-flowing with the time shaped by attendees and anything leftover from sessions 1 & 2. At a minimum, we will:

    • Spend more time on custom events (& conversions)
    • Revisit reporting with events & conversions in mind
    • Take a visit into Google Tag Manager and understand your options & requirements for GA4 events
    • Talk about eCommerce and a few other pro-level options